Onboard training

Training for the entire crew was conducted on board Asphalt Seminole in February while en-route from Rayong to Singapore. The training, given by Capt Prabhat Nigam, included topics such as understanding of ISM code, risk assessment and job safety analysis best practice, HSS&E opportunity reporting, SEEMP and EEDI and bio-fouling management planning. Capt Nigam also discussed recent changes in MARPOL Annex VI, Entry Into Confined Spaces, ‘slips, trips and falls’ and Star IPS. Abandon ship drill was conducted under the instructions of the Master. During the de-briefing Capt Nigam joined the group and pointed out the risks involved and actions to be taken when dealing with FFLB (Free Fall Life Boat). Fast rescue boat handling and inflatable and davit-launched life raft launching was also explained. Two videos, “10 Sure Ways to Injure Your Hands” and “Ballast Water Management – Invaders from The Sea”, were screened for the crew.

All the trainees showed a positive enthusiasm to learn, Capt Nigam told ASPects. The Master and senior officers were co-operative in ensuring that every crew member had the opportunity to be a part of the program and to benefit from training.