Captain Prabhat Nigam

Group Training Manager - Global

Captain Nigam has 34 years of experience in the industry both afloat and ashore. He spent 21 years at sea, largely with BERGSHAV A/S on VLCCs, Product, Chemical Tankers and PCCs. Ascending through the ranks he become Master and commanded 12 vessels, before coming ashore to take up various positions in Maritime operations, Quality Assurance and Training.

Captain Nigam was actively involved in the establishment and development of two premium maritime training institutes in India and headed one of the Institutes as its Captain Superintendent prior taking up the present position with ASP in 2012.

 He is also the External Examiner under the Mercantile Marine Department of India and an Auditor for ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, ISM and ISPS. 

In 2013 he Conceived the idea of bringing able maritime trainers together and formed a “TRAINER’s GUILD” The guild is now widely accepted all over India and its work is much appreciated by the industry.

The industry took notice of his valuable inputs in Maritime Education and Training and recently honoured him with the prestigious position of warden of the ‘Court of Company of Master Mariner’s of India